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Pinnacle Systems Debuts New Website

Pinnacle Systems, Inc., the consumer division of Avid Technology, announced Wednesday the complete redesign of its US website,, with a new layout, easy navigation and an exciting new section called Pinnacle Life.

Pinnacle Life is a rich source of information for users who wish to take full advantage of the "digital life" without getting lost in technical jargon and complexity.

With easy to use features such as a glossary, reviews, tutorials, testimonials, videos and demos produced by Pinnacle product experts and captured from real-life testimonials, Pinnacle Life can be an immediate help to both new and experienced users, and the tutorial content will continue to grow over time.

Pinnacle Life will also become a key destination where customers can share their own experiences and participate in online contests.

To make it even easier for users to find information, navigation is based on visitor profiles, offering specific pathways for consumers whether they are interested in video editing, TV viewing or just want to learn more about digital media.

Simplified navigation tools quickly bring visitors to the information they've been looking for, and intelligent integration provides instant access to all services -- from specific product information to tutorials, testimonials, customer service or the eStore.

In addition to fully leveraging the capabilities of modern browsers, Pinnacle Systems' newly redesigned website also provides a rich and entertaining experience with more video, animation, product overviews and "how-to's."