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Pinky and Perky Christmas Special Due on BBC

CGI spectacular THE PINKY AND PERKY SHOW is due to screen across the BBC this Christmas with a special festive helping of everyone's favorite pigs.

PPC Enterprises, which holds M&L rights in the brand, has revealed that the show will screen four times on CBBC over the Christmas period, as well as showing at 10 a.m. on BBC One on Christmas Day.

THE PINKY AND PERKY SHOW features the world's most famous pigs hamming it up for a whole new generation of fans in a colourful and chaotic new cartoon. With high quality production values and top voice talents such as Kevin Bishop, star of Channel 4's THE KEVIN BISHOP SHOW, the show has massive appeal for kids of all ages and has attracted huge numbers of viewers since its CBBC debut on November 3.

The Christmas special sees Pinky and Perky in a serious fix as they discover a severe shortage of presents at their TV station, PPCTV. When the porcine pair come across a sack of familiar-looking letters they realize that they forgot to send everyone's Christmas lists to Santa. With the whole station in a foul mood as a result they have to come up with a plan, and quick.

THE PINKY AND PERKY SHOW is attracting plenty of broadcasting interest from around the world, with international TV sales being handled by Granada International -- it is due to go out on France 3 and ABC in Australia next year, with sales also confirmed in the Nordics. Further announcements are expected shortly after a series of promotional events, including the recent MIPCOM Jr. in Cannes.

Interest from the licensing community has also been high and a Nintendo DS game is set to hit the shops at Easter-time next year, while Martin Yaffe International will be developing toys and merchandise for boys aged 5 to 9. Several more licensees are in discussion for product launches throughout 2009 -- leading up to a major PINKY AND PERKY Christmas range.