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Pileated Pictures Rocks Tha House with Online Adventure Game

Pileated Pictures, the digital studio located in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, has released Cash Money's ROCK THA HOUSE, an online adventure game created for Universal Records and the hip-hop label, Cash Money Records. The Flash-animated ROCK THA HOUSE represents the latest and most ambitious collaboration between the three companies, having already produced a number of 2D and 3D game projects.

Exec producer and LucasArts Entertainment veteran Michael E. Levine headed the project along with other LucasArts and Pixar veterans. Pileated Pictures' work on the game encompasses all aspects of game production: writing, directing, animating, sound and Flash design and realization.

"The project presented a unique challenge because two distinctly different types of game play are involved," Levine said. "There are 'action' elements, where players are challenged with games of skill, and 'adventure' elements, where players are forced to use strategy and logic to move from one area of the house to the next. To achieve this, we needed to create two different gaming engines, which dramatically increased project complexity."

The hour-long game features the music of the Cash Money Millionaires. Label co-founders Baby (a.k.a. Birdman) and Manny Fresh begin the game by challenging other Cash Money "ballers" to test out their compound's new security system.

Players can choose to be one of four Cash Money rappers -- TQ, Lil' Wayne, Boo or Gotti -- who dons his Cash Money ninja outfit in preparation for the raid. Along the way, players face various obstacles and hazards, from hungry guard dogs and a shark tank to security doors and retinal scanners. Players collect "bling" points and gather tools during play to use in their continued assault on the Cash Money crib.

ROCK THA HOUSE can be played at

Pileated Pictures, LLC ( is an interactive entertainment studio creating video games, immersive Websites, character animation and stories. The firm develops customized solutions for clients, including Online Games and Trading Cards, Music Videos, E-cards and Web sites. Clients include recording artists -- Nelly, TLC, Lisa Lopes, Master P, Lil' Romeo, the Cash Money Millionaires and Britney Spears -- as well as leading companies-Universal Records, LucasArts Entertainment and THQ. Pileated Pictures' founders are veterans of LucasArts Entertainment and the TV series SEINFELD. In addition, the studio creates and licenses its own original material.