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Piglet's Big Movie Bows on DVD

PIGLET'S BIG MOVIE (Buena Vista Home Entertainment, $29.99) hits the DVD shelves July 29, 2003 featuring extra goodies such as PIGLET'S BIG BOOK OF MEMORIES (find Piglet's lost drawings) and THE WORLD ACCORDING TO PIGLET (a 3D book of memories filled with favorite "Pigletisms"). The movie provides the lovable pink fellow with his first starring role (voiced by John Fiedler in his 35th year doing the cherished role). PIGLET was directed by Francis Glebas (FANTASIA 2000's "Pomp & Circumstance"), produced by Disney Toon Studios and animated by Walt Disney Animation Japan. Takeshi Atomura was the animation director. The emphasis was on recreating the classic watercolor art direction of the franchise, with little bits of computer animation sprinkled throughout (the bubbles of Piglet's bath, the majestic waterfall and rain and snow).