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Picture Bug Prods. Celebrates Anniversary on Isle of Man

Picture Bug Prods., based in Ballaugh on the Isle of Man, has just celebrated its first anniversary, reports The firm is run by Adrian Bell and Anthony Rea from their base at Iceman's Cottage where it creates animation, digital videos and moving graphics for commercials.

They have already worked with Manx Telecom, Sleepwell Hotels, Isle of Man Post Office and several other Island businesses and charities. They put together the Manx Telecom electronic Christmas card last year and have designed a video promoting Sleepwell Hotels.

They envisage businesses making better use of multi-media platforms, by having videos on their websites and placing animated or interactive adverts across popular Internet sites. They have also designed a digital shopsign, which has a movie advertising products combined with still graphic screens.

The business is split into five divisions Picture Bug Digital Video, Picture Bug Animation, Graphics, Publishing and Digital Signs. The company charges anything from £1,000 for a 30-second text graphic to £20,000 for a 10-minute corporate film.

Bell previously worked for Cosgrove Hall Films on many big productions, such as DANGER MOUSE and COUNT DUCKULA.

Picture Bug recently finished its biggest project to date an animated children's DVD called I GOT A MESSAGE FROM SANTA, which is being made in conjunction with Wellard Animation. The film is run in nine separate sections and is designed to be watched by kids on the run up to Christmas. It features Santa Claus as he prepares to deliver presents to children on Christmas Eve. The DVD will go on sale in early November.

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