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Photorealistic Facial Animation In High Profile Games

Image Metrics announced Thursday their performance-driven facial animation solution was used to create realistic characters for upcoming games like TOP SPIN 3 from 2K Games, UNREAL TOURNAMENT 3 by Epic Games and GRAND THEFT AUTO IV by Rockstar Games.

Popular tennis series TOP SPIN lets gamers play as the world's greatest tennis pros or create their own digital identity, complete with physical details and playing style.

Image Metrics created 10 minutes of facial animation for the title, mostly in-game reaction shots.

It also created its first in-game software component, created to ensure user-generated characters have the same facial capabilities as the built-in characters.

TOP SPIN 3 ships this spring.

UNREAL TOURNAMENT 3, shipped for PC and PlayStation 3 in North America, is the latest installment in Epic's popular sci-fi shooter series.

New characters, created from an Image Metrics two-day motion-capture recording session, use a vast arsenal of upgraded, futuristic weapons.

Players can battle online or go up against an unmatched artificial intelligence.

GRAND THEFT AUTO IV, available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on April 29, introduces a new main character, Niko Bellic, who has just arrived in Liberty City from Eastern Europe.

Image Metrics produced all of the facial animation, creating characters with 3,000 polygons in their faces.

A fourth title, Rockstar Games' MIDNIGHT CLUB LOS ANGELES, will be available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this spring.

Image Metrics created facial animation for the game's drivers, adding depth and attitude to the characters.

Whether drifting through a tight turn in Tinseltown or aggressively overtaking another driver on the 405 freeway, the focus of the characters behind the wheel in MIDNIGHT CLUB LOS ANGELES is written all over their faces, thanks to Image Metrics.

Image Metrics uses technology to capture the minute details in each pixel of a particular individual's performance, allowing realistic personalities to shine.