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PhoeniX Technologies Launches New Visualeyez II Mocap System

PhoeniX Technologies Inc. (PTI) recently launched its next generation Visualeyez II VZ4000 Active Optical Real-Time motion capture system to help animators dramatically eliminate post processing costs while saving thousands of dollars on mocap development projects. Visualeyez II is equipped with a robust and lightweight mechanical design (3 kg) for easier portability, making it easier to transport the equipment to different studios, as well as the flexibility to mount the system on a wall, ceiling or tripod within an animation studio.

The system also offers ultra-high capture rates of up to 4,300 frames per second obtained through wireless LED markers. When using VZAutoCal software, animators no longer will have to manually calibrate the calibration area for a mocap session, PTI claims. The Adaptive Calibration feature continuously monitors tracker movement and automatically recalibrates the capture area again (in under two seconds), if such movement is sensed. PTI is the only mocap provider in the world offering such a powerful, automatic, adaptive calibration capability.

PTI now has a plug-in available that enables realtime online streaming of mocap data directly into MotionBuilder. This enables directors to view animated motions being performed by actors wearing mocap suits "live" before sending the actors away after a mocap session.

PTI also has a "documented process" to transport animated characters designed and built in Maya to be moved back into MotionBuilder. These characters are then super-imposed with realtime live motions captured on the Visualeyez II systems onto these characters and the integrated mocap data is moved back into Maya for further texturing, rendering, etc. The Visualeyez system provides data output in the industry standard C3D format, providing a gateway into most application software packages used in the animation industry, such as 3ds Max, Massive, etc.

Founded in 1996 in Burnaby, B.C., Canada, PhoeniX Technologies ( manufactures Visualeyez, a wide-angle, high speed and high-resolution active-optical 3D motion tracking system. With its worldwide-patented enabling technology, Visualeyez systems are powerful enough for realtime 3D content creation in multifarious entertainment applications, yet sophisticated and accurate enough for scientific motion research. Other applications include animation and visual media, game development, virtual reality, TV and film effects, biomechanics, sports performance, gait analysis, human-computer interaction, neuroscience and much more.