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Phoenix And Areté Announce Psyclone

Phoenix Tools and AretéEntertainment recently released Psunami 1.0, a plug-in forSoftimage|XSI v. 2.X that allows photo-realistic animation of wavesurfaces including all the tools for simulating and visualizing avariety of water surfaces. The company is currently in an advanceddevelopment phase of its volumetric cloud/smoke effect Psyclone forSoftimage|XSI. By adding Psyclone to Softimage|XSI, the user cancreate evolving cloud/smoke simulations, including fly-through andfly-around effects. Psyclone includes an advanced optics shader thatallows full control of volumetric lighting properties, such asself-shadowing, visibility and specular highlights. The beta releaseof Psyclone on Softimage|XSI will be shown at the Softimage stand(Booth # 8071) at SIGGRAPH 2002, and will be officially released inAugust 2002. For further information, visit