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PhaseSpace Offers New MoCap System

PhaseSpace unveiled their latest optical motion capture system in the Guerilla Studio and AMD booth 1334 at SIGGRAPH 2004, August 8-12 at the Los Angles Convention Center.

Major features of the new optical motion capture system, include:* Motion Captured At 480 Frames Per Second: PhaseSpace cameras capture active LED positions, process and send marker data to the server 480 times a second. The server calculates X, Y, Z positions for each LED marker 480 times a second and streams data to any combination of viewing software, third party motion capture software or client API.* High Resolution 3600 x 3600 Pixel Resolution: PhaseSpace optical motion capture systems provide high resolution data at 3600 x 3600 pixels with a sub-pixel resolution of 30,000 x 30,000. * PhaseSpaces resolution (3600 x 3600) x frame rate (480 fps) * Real-time Processing: * Active LED Markers: PhaseSpace implemented active LED markers, each configured with unique IDs, to provide higher quality motion capture data, enable real-time visualizations and maximize configuration options.* Scalable Architecture: All PhaseSpace system components contain processors specific to their function. This layered processor architecture ensures scalability and guarantees the real-time data flow critical to many motion capture applications.* Open Data Access: PhaseSpace operational and viewing software allow users to stream real-time data to your preferred motion capture software: third party software, such as Kaydara MOCAP, PhaseSpace Viewer or ones own process through the PhaseSpace API.* Flexible Operational Environment Motion Capture In The Right Environment: PhaseSpace cameras and active LED markers enable system operation inside under artificial lights or outside in natural light. There is no need to restrict operation to a darkened studio. * The systems are portable.

PhaseSpace is a motion capture software company. More information can be found at

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