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PFClean 4.5 to Launch at NAB 2009

Press Release from The Pixel Farm

Kent, UK -- April 13, 2009, The Pixel Farm, a leading developer of image processing tools for Film Restoration, DI and Visual Effects announce the launch of the next version of its resolution independent, automated Film Restoration and pre-grade clean up system, PFClean 4.5, at the NAB Show 2009, April 20 - 23, in Las Vegas.

With its flexible, completely non-destructive workflow, PFClean allows creative decisions to be made within a colour calibrated environment, right up until final delivery. Hardware-accelerated processing on PFClean Systems means tasks such as grain reduction and matching, as well as clean-up and colour correction cease to be time consuming operations.

Its recent deployment within large, international facilities including Deluxe, Technicolor, Adlabs, Cineric, The Criterion Collection, Das Werk, FilmLab Mumbai, Pixion, ARRI and Cineimage, confirms PFClean is the professional's tool of choice, worldwide.

Notable new features in PFClean 4.5 include:

-- Workflow ManagerProvides visual management of the workflow process throughout the entire project. A schematic overview of Media Bins, Clips, Sub-clips, Effect Stacks and Sequences provides the ability to quickly copy, paste and delete effects stacks between clips. Automated processes are easily managed, with the routing of clips into Automations directly within the Workflow Manager workspace. A unique feature proprietary to PFClean, the Workflow Manager represents a paradigm shift in how restoration projects are administered, managed and processed.

-- Manual Dirt / Dust FixUsing a Rectangle, Lasso or Paint Stroke selection, image defects may be repaired manually using Spatial or Temporal Fix Modes. Once the defect has been fixed, the user can toggle between Fix Modes to compare results. Temporal fixes may be "moved" on the x and y axis to ensure ideal placement of the repaired image data. All fixes may be re-grained or re-noised based on user-defined presets, allowing fixes to blend seamlessly within the original image.

-- Noise RemovalThe user can define the amount of noise to remove in each color channel, and the amount of detail protection to apply. The Colour Space can be switched between RGB, YUV, YIQ and YCbCr, allowing compatibility with material sourced from videotape.

-- Color-Key MasksBy selecting a color in the image, adjustments can be made to the Colour Falloff and Spatial Falloff of that colour range, defining the mask. Multiple masks may be combined using boolean operations to fine tune the shape. The Colour-Key mask is particularly useful when performing secondary colour corrections in PFClean.

Other new features include, but are not limited to:

-- New Histogram/Scopes/3D histogram-- "Add to sequence" action in automations-- More flexible export format path specification-- Out-of-gamut display

"This latest release cements PFClean as the dominant image repair product in the restoration, remastering and DI Industries. Innovative tools such as the new workflow manager illustrate both our forward thinking attitude to our customers problems and our understanding of very real production issues" says Michael Lancaster, Product Director at The Pixel Farm. "PFClean 4.5 further represents our proactive approach toward creating tools that not only anticipate the needs of the restoration community, but respond to the valued feedback of our user base and manufacturing partners."

PFClean will be shown at the Renaissance Hotel Las Vegas from 10am - 5pm, April 20th thru 22nd in the ALT Systems Suite (Presidential Suite). Appointments may be made in advance through Amy Beaman:

About The Pixel FarmThe Pixel Farm Ltd. develops innovative solutions for digital imaging, film restoration and visual effects for broadcast and film. It was formed in 2002 to provide innovative collaborative solutions for digital composting and film special effects. Its management team has extensive experience in developing some of the worlds' leading 2D and 3D effects systems in film, video and interactive entertainment.