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Pettson & Findus Wins The Golden Telix Award

The animated series PETTSON & FINDUS, a TV-Loonland and ZDF co-production, has won the Golden Telix 2001 Award in the animated film/series category. The series chronicles the adventures of a crotchety old man and his cheeky cat. Awarded by the leading German TV magazines "Gong" and "Bild+Funk," the prize was presented on July 21 in Nuremberg. The Official Jury for the Golden Telix 2001 Awards commented, "The series PETTSON & FINDUS was lovingly drawn, full of detail and very imaginative. Based on the books by Swedish writer Sven Nordqvist, these stories about an old man and his little cat are full of surprises. The stories fascinate the reader because they are told calmly but energetically. The careful choice of voices for the voice-over is also remarkable. This merry TV series was created thanks to the initiative of the ZDF editor Dr. Irene Wellershoff and the unwavering efforts of the production company TV-Loonland." Dr. Irene Wellershoff of ZDF said, "This award is the best proof of our outstanding collaboration but also of TV-Loonland's remarkable creative quality." Peter Völkle, chairman and CEO of TV-Loonland added, "With PETTSON & FINDUS, our strong program department has accomplished a stroke of creative genius. The artistic and commercial success of this top-class series reaffirms TV-Loonlands commitment to high-quality productions." Launched on ZDF Television in October 2000, PETTSON & FINDUS is one of the favorite programs in the 3 to 5-year-old category, holding 17.1% of the market. The PETTSON & FINDUS feature film played in theaters in Europe last year. The second feature is currently in pre-production and is set to premiere in January 2003.

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