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Perky Pickle Studios Game For Crash Bandicoot

Now entering the world of gaming, Perky Pickle Studios has wrapped up creative consultant work on the concept and design of Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games), new CRASH TWINSANITY game, which will be available for PlayStation2 and X Box in the third quarter of 2004. Perky Pickle Studios was hired to integrate comedic story and situations into the game-play.

"Look for lots of side actions. Even when you let go of the controls, the characters will go though different types of idle-animation to keep things interesting. Dont be surprised to see Crash stubbornly attacking his non-existent tail or for the evil Dr. Neo Cortex to deliver a good, man-sized spanking to Crashs derriere!," said Jordan Reichek, co-owner of Perky Pickle. "Developers are making amazing strides with the technology side of gaming, therefore, the characters and their interaction with game environments are more complex than ever. We felt this was a terrific opportunity to bring to gaming the flourishes that make film cartoons so funny. We worked with VU Games to offer the gamer a more interactive experience with the characters they know so well. Dialogue and physical actions were approached from a traditional cartoon point of view and then integrated into the game engine.

Kirk Scott, the VU Games producer for Crash, said, "Because this new CRASH game is so large in extent, we wanted to raise the bar for the character-action genre. With an entirely new game engine, there was opportunity to expand on what we have established in the past. We sought Perky Pickles assistance in creating a new feel for our characters and implanting the cinematic touches from traditional cartoons. They did a great job and the game really shows it!"

Reichek adds, "We were titillated when VU Games approached us about getting involved with the CRASH property. Although we are a filmic animation and graphics studio, weve always felt that games have incredible potential for storytelling possibilities. This experience on the CRASH TWINSANITY production has been a terrific education for all sides. The possibilities seem endless. As we continue to work in the gaming field, our goal is to create a complete interactive game experiencea film that you can play!"

In addition, Perky Pickle will also provide packaging graphics for the property. "In keeping with our full service options at Perky Pickle, we have worked on many different phases of the CRASH project," said Reichek. "We were happy to fill in various roles for VU Games. We want our clients to feel that we can tailor our services for whatever their production needs may be."

In addition, Perky Pickle work David Milch's Red Board Prods.' logo can now be seen on HBOs new primetime Western series, DEADWOOD. The logo can be seen on the end credits and features a pixilated vintage photograph of a boy and his dog.

Perky Pickle Studios is a full service production company, working with clients to develop varied projects from pre-production through post. The new studio's goal is to help clients express their visual message and give them more bang for their production dollar. For more information, visit or call (818) 843-1341.

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