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Pendulum Studios Swings For Call of Duty Trailer

Pendulum Studios has completed a CG trailer for Activisions much anticipated game, CALL OF DUTY: FINEST HOUR, which is set to store this fall. The :60 trailer that premiered at the 2004 E3 conference depicts the heroic sacrifices, chaotic environments and extraordinary events that Allied soldiers experienced during World War II.

Pendulum worked closely with Absinthe Pictures to create a dramatic and cinematic product for Activision. Lower resolution poly-models from the game, developed by Spark Unlimited, were enhanced and blended into higher resolution environments. Additionally, motion capture and key frame animation were integrated by using Alias Maya and Kaydaras MOTIONBUILDER. Motion capture was provided by Red Eye Studios. Michael McCormick, Pendulums director of 3D Animation, used Mayas fluids tools to make explosion effects.

In the end, initial Stalingrad shot went over so well with Activision that, days before E3, Pendulum was asked to dramatically increase the shot from 15 characters to 60 independent Russian soldiers streaming into Red Square, dodging machine gun fire, avoiding mortar explosions and waving flags into battle.

Pendulums exec producer, Rob Taylor notes, "This project provided the Pendulum team with a terrific opportunity to do what we do best create and deliver a CG product that sells itself through compelling visual storytelling."

Pendulum Studios is a San Diego-based animation studio. For more information, visit

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