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Pendulum Studios Launches Website for Arrest Assured Short

Pendulum Studios has announced the creation of a Website for its new 3D-animated short film, ARREST ASSURED. The new Website, shows off concept art, still imagery, storyboards, evolutionary clips and making-of movies, including a short behind-the-scenes movie called ANATOMY OF SHOT, which shows the compositing construction of one of the shots from the film.

The site also displays a production journal, festival screening dates and a few high-res images for desktop-wallpaper use. Also, the studio has provided an in-depth section describing the film, the creators and the company.

Mike McCormick and Rob Taylor directed the film.

Studios exec producer, Rob Taylor, states, Through independent animated shorts were excitedly fulfilling our primary mission to foster and develop impactful and compelling storytelling with innovative and entertaining animation.

Pendulum Studios is a 3D animation and digital effects studio, based in San Diego, California. For more information, visit

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