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Peanuts Thrown Into Election 2008 With New Short Videos

PEANUTS has become the first fully animated series in the Warner Premiere Motion Comics digital content category.

Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the rest of the PEANUTS gang star in three to four minute digital shorts that are based on the popular comic strip created by Charles Schulz. For a limited time, fans can download the first two episodes of PEANUTS Motion Comics for free on the iTunes Store. In these episodes, Linus runs for class president with Charlie Brown as his running mate. Despite being far ahead in the polls, Linus and Charlie Brown eventually ruin their chances of winning by referencing a famous, yet mysterious holiday entity during a final speech.

The initial episodes of PEANUTS Motion Comics are based on comic strips drawn in the year 1964. The stories are pulled from these strips and developed into three to four minute videos containing new Flash animation by the award-winning Studio B. In addition, a new cast of children bring to life the voices of our favorite characters and jazz music created by Randall Crissman gives the Motion Comics that familiar PEANUTS feel. Warner Premiere created and formatted the Peanuts Motion Comics with the digital consumer in mind for easy on-the-go viewing.

The PEANUTS Motion Comics consist of 20 episodes bundled in pairs with each short consisting of a different theme culled from the classic comic strip. These include the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown's baseball team, A Christmas story, Valentine's Day, Charlie Brown's first crush, Snoopy survives a flood and others. Fans will be able to enjoy these timeless classics anytime and anywhere they want via their iPod, iPhone, PC or mobile phone.

PEANUTS Motion Comics are now available exclusively on iTunes. The cost of two bundled episodes is 99 cents or a full season pass for $7.99.