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Peak Ent. Captures Faireez Rights

Peak Entertainment Holdings Inc. has acquired the exclusive worldwide rights to the new TV concept, FAIREEZ, from Moody Street Kids in Australia.

FAIREEZ is a new animated TV show (52x11) targeting kids 5-7 featuring four intrepid trainees Gabby, Polly, Tucker and Tim who do their best to foil the plans of the bad-tempered, feckless and wet-blanket-baddie: Jumpalina.

Her Jumpiness wants to break the banishment spell and hideous hex placed on her by the Kings sorcerer Higgeldy. And the only way she can return to her former glory (and beauty) is to capture the Faireez. These wee fairy kids are the focus of a powerful counter-spell that will re-energize Jumpalinas powers and enable her to achieve her ultimate goals

The FAIREEZ are not superheroes and their magic is usually very unreliable. Their on-and-off again budding powers do include teleportation, morphing, and invisibility, leading to comedy, confusion and good-hearted fun.

Within the last few years, the consolidation of the entertainment industry has created a hunger for new, positive childrens programming; FAIREEZ meets this need, said Phil Ogden, md of Peak Ent. In addition, we are very encouraged at the unprecedented interest in fairy-themed programs currently, and we could not have chosen a better concept to capitalize upon in this very receptive sector. We will be attending the New York Licensing Show in June 2004 to meet with leading toy companies and consumer product companies to discuss licensing and other potential partnerships.

Ogden said the producers have brought together an illustrious group of people to execute a show that will be truly enchanting for global audiences while providing a powerful backdrop to exploit an extensive consumer-licensing program internationally.

The show is mostly funded with leading broadcasters already committed, including Channel 10 in Australia and GMTV in the U.K. Completing the co-production is Funbag Animation Studios, which is bringing Canadian production investment, as well as its extensive production experience to the show. Ottawa-based Funbag is confirming a Canadian broadcaster while Peak is securing the lead international territories at MIP-TV 2004. B Wooding Media has been appointed to represent the broadcast rights to the property in Germany, France and the U.S.

Peak Ent. is responsible for the merchandising and licensing for FAIREEZ, which is expected to commence production for a slated launch in spring 2005.

Gillian Carr, ceo of Moody Street Kids commented, We are very excited at the prospect of delivering this $4 million co-production to market in 2005 and anticipate a great return for our investors by utilizing Peaks proven and effective fully integrated business model. Early indications are that the concept has been very well received and we look forward to building on this with more projects in the future

Peak Ent. Holdings, headquartered in Derbyshire in the U.K., is a fully integrated multimedia company dedicated to quality childrens television entertainment, character licensing and consumer products. Peaks business model, which includes concept creation and branding, production of entertainment programs, character licensing, and manufacturing and distribution of toys and related consumer products, gives it maximum quality control and speed-to-market while developing total brand equity. Peaks properties include MONSTERS IN MY POCKET, THE WUMBLERS, LITTLE BIG FEET, FAIREEZ, COUNTIN SHEEP and MINI FLORA. For more information and do download the story bible, please visit: