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Peak Ent. Announces Licensing Agreement With Radica UK

Peak Entertainment Holdings Inc. has announced a licensing agreement with Radica Games Ltd. for Peak's MONSTER IN MY POCKET characters for Radica's Skannerz handheld products. Launched in 2001, Skannerz handheld device scans the UPC code of consumer products, allowing users to download monsters, magic potions and weapons to use in battle.

"By incorporating the MONSTER IN MY POCKET characters into the Skannerz concept, we are opening up a whole new area of monstrous tie-ins to our popular electronic game," said Peter Horton, managing director of Radica UK. "Peak Ent. owns extremely popular and well-known monster characters that will make the Skannerz product even more exciting for boys."

"The synergy between Skannerz and our brand is uncanny," said Wilf Shorrocks, ceo/co-founder of Peak Ent. "The long-term opportunity of working together presents a huge opportunity for both companies. We are very excited at the future for MONSTER IN MY POCKET and Skannerz."

MONSTER IN MY POCKET is a new series of animated television programs that cover the history and heritage of monsters: from Medusa and Cyclops of mythological times to modern classics such as Frankenstein, Dracula and the Werewolf. The concept has sales exceeding $200 million in retail with more than 800 million units distributed worldwide in the early 1990s. Today, the brand is being rejuvenated and re-released to exploit its previous success via expansion into a fully-integrated entertainment concept with production of a 26x30, state-of-the-art, 3D CGI animated broadcast platform.

Peak Ent. Holdings Inc. is a fully integrated multimedia company dedicated to children's television entertainment, character licensing and consumer products. The company's business model includes concept creation and branding, production of entertainment programs, character licensing, and manufacturing and distribution of toys and related consumer products. For more information, visit

Radica Games Limited ( manufactures and markets a diverse line of electronic entertainment products covering three business segments -- electronic games carrying the Radica and Play TV brand names, Gamester branded video game controllers and accessories, and girls' lifestyle electronics carrying the Girl Tech and Barbie brand names. The company markets its products through subsidiaries in the U.S., U.K., Canada and Hong Kong.

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