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PDI/DreamWorks Wraps On Spots For, MSN, Target

PDI/DreamWorks has completed production on three new commercials for, MSN and Target. PDI/DreamWorks brought's green mascot, Trump, to life, working with renowned advertising agency Arnold Communications and live-action director Kinka Usher, on the humor spots which debuted during the Super Bowl. The PDI/DreamWorks team, led by director Larry Bafia, created the monster spokesperson for all five spots' endtags. " is a great example of the caliber of projects we're producing in our Commercial Division," said Mary Maffei, executive producer of PDI/DreamWorks Commercial Division. "With the recent reorganization of our division, a revamped national sales force, combined with the high-profile spots for the leading global agencies such as McCann-Erickson, BBDO and Ogilvy & Mather currently in house, we've got a lot of momentum behind us. We're looking forward to a banner year." In addition, PDI/DreamWorks recently completed work with McCann-Erickson, New York to create a 3D animated version of the MSN butterfly logo. The PDI/DreamWorks team, led by director Cliff Boulé, also developed screen graphics with animated pointers demonstrating upgrades such as online buddy lists, advanced search features and stock tracking. "Because the client had a very short production timeline, we needed to create a solution that would enable them to quickly and easily integrate the animated 3D butterfly logo with live-action," said Boulé. "By delivering a library of animated butterflies with a variety of movement patterns, the client was able to add the animated logo to the live-action shots whenever and wherever they needed." Finally, PDI/DreamWorks' Commercial Division also produced the entire Target "Get Into the Game" promotional spot, including live-action and CG work, for the Design Guys, Inc. of Minneapolis. This promo spot puts a twist on traditional video game spots by featuring computer-animated 3D lead characters that play a video game with a live-action boy as the protagonist. "This was a fun project for us because it takes a traditional video game spot and adds an extra dimension by reversing the character's roles," said PDI/DreamWorks director Larry Bafia.

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