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PDA-Based Game Will Promote THE ONE

Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment has launched an interactive PDA-based game to promote Revolution Studios & Columbia Pictures' new feature film THE ONE. This is first time that a studio has created a PDA-based game on behalf of a major motion picture release. "The thematic elements of THE ONE fit perfectly with the idea of a PDA-based game," said Geoffrey Ammer, President of Marketing for Sony Pictures Entertainment. "This is a great way to get the story line of the movie out and pave the way for users to have an even more enhanced movie-going experience." In THE ONE, parallel universes collide when a rogue agent assigned to monitor these universes begins eliminating versions of himself in each alternate reality. Assuming more energy and power with each version he destroys, he must finally confront the one man standing between himself and his ultimate goal. The film, starring Jet Li, Delroy Lindo, Carla Gugino and Jason Statham and directed by James Wong, is scheduled for release on November 2, 2001. THE ONE game, designed by Media Revolution, simulates combat between two players inspired by the Pa Kwa martial arts style used in the film. Players can fight computer-generated opponents or other users. In the spirit of the film, players grow more powerful with each victory over another player. THE ONE game runs on Palm OS 3.51 or higher, both grayscale and color versions with numerous HotSync capabilities which will automatically connect to THE ONE Website to, among other things, update game stats, send challenge results, get new challenges and challenge friends to play. Users will also be able to play the game at the film's official motion picture Web site, If this advergame is successful, expect to see more of its kind in the future.