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Party With The Prez On Nickelodeon

On Monday, February 17, 2003 Nickelodeon's U.S. President's Day programming will feature mini-marathons of both SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS (2-5 p.m. ET/PT) and THE ADVENTURES OF JIMMY NEUTRON, BOY GENIUS (5-9 p.m. ET/PT). In between episodes, viewers will catch a glimpse of George Bush, Jr., and some former U.S. Presidents busting a move during Nick's animated "Presidents Day Dance Party" hosted by Jimmy Neutron and his dancing dog "Go-Go" Goddard. George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Bill Clinton and the Bushes, Jr. and Sr., are all featured in the interstitials. Animations of the Presidents are multi-layer composites of cel animation by Wild Hare Studios in Atlanta under the direction of Matt Jenkins. The 3D animations of Jimmy Neutron are by Virtual Persuasion in New York. Nickelodeons Dema Hanna produced the spots and Brian Tolleson served as supervising producer. Nick SVP Niels Schuurmans was the creative director, with in-house graphic supervision by designer Anna Yoon and on-air graphics creative director, Trish Russoniello.