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Parns' Divers in the Rain Wins Zagreb

Animafest Zagreb 2010 - World Festival of Animated Film wrapped up its 2010 event on June 6th with the announce of its winners.

Animafest Zagreb 2010 - World Festival of Animated Film wrapped up its 2010 event on June 6th with the announce of its winners.

At the discretion of the Grand Competition JuryJury: Nigel Davies (Great Britain)Ron Diamond (USA)Marko Meštrović (Croatia)Flore Poinsard (France)Joana Toste (Portugal)

Grand Prix Best Short Film Of The Festival


An amazingly absurd, poetic perspective on a quality of apathy witnessed in contemporary life. This tale challenges the ´hero´ stereotype resulting in a film with beautiful graphics and constantly surprising real time animation.

“Golden Zagreb” Awardencouragement of creativity and innovative artistic achievement


Fantastic art direction, innovative dialogue, imaginative sound make a trulyoriginal film.

“Zlatko Grgić” Awardfirst production apart from educational institutions


Innovative, surprising storytelling using refreshingly naïve graphic style.

Best Commissioned FilmONLY HUMAN r. Benjamin Swiczinsky

Strong and simple evocation of interconnected liberation of travel without boundaries.

5 special awards at the discretion of the juryLJUBAV I KRAĐA / LOVE & THEFTr. Andreas HykadeA hypnotic balance of music and picture, referencing animation history in a seductive way.

JAKO SE PONOSIM TOBOM / I AM SO PROUD OF YOUr. Don HertzfeldtOriginal and exciting visual techniques, highlighting portions of the frame to focus the viewers attention which help tell a complex story with great humour.

PRIČA O MALENOM LUTKU / THE TALE OF LITTLE PUPPETBOYr. Johannes NyholmThis film made us laugh more than any other. We loved the refreshing naivety of the models, set design and the unpredictability of the storytelling.

LOGORAMAr. F.Alaux, L.Houplain, H. de CrecyTotally original concept and great direction.

LUISr. N.Atallah, J.Cocina, C.LeonTotally original concept and great direction.

At the discretion of the Student Competition JuryJury:Olivier Cotte (France)Rastko Ćirić (Serbia)Jadwiga Kowalska (Switzerland/Poland)Dino Krpan (Croatia)Michaela Mertova (Czech Republic)

'"Dušan Vukotić" Awardbest student film ŽILA ŽIVOTA / LEBENSADERr. Angela Steffen

For its content put on screen with an original and sensitive design.

3 special mentions at the discretion of the jury1. mentionODGOJ / BRING ME UPr. Miki Takana

For its inventive approach to the subject.

2. mentionPARADA / PARADEr. Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet

For its creative visual.

3. mentionLONCI ZA CVIJEĆE / FLOWERPOTS r. Rafael Sommerhalder

For its clever story told in a minimalistic manner.

At the discretion of the Grand Competition Jury and the Student CompetitionMOJ PUT / MY WAYVeljko Popović, Svjetlan Junaković

At the discretion of the Films for Children Competition Jury(Morana Bunić, Domagoj Kudek, Denis Tišljar, Mario Višnjić, Jakov Vranković)Best Film for Children IZGUBLJENO I NAĐENO / LOST AND FOUNDr. Philip Hunt

This year's Animafest screened many excellent films in the Children’s Competition programme. Our job was not easy, but we sought and we found the one that has everything we consider necessary for a good children’s animated film: outstanding animation and sound, interesting plot, moral, heart and great friendship. Therefore we decided to present the award to the film Lost and Found by Philip Hunt.

2 special mentions at the discretion of the jury

KRAVATA / THE NECKTIEr. Jean-Francois Levesque

For an outstandingly interesting and educational story teaching us to live life to the fullest and not allow big pushy corporations dry out our will to live, we award the special mention to the film The Necktie by Jean-Francois Leveseque.


The other special recognition for impressive animation leaving one breathless goes to The Happy Duckling by Gili Doleva.

At the discretion of Animation and New Media Students JuryBest student filmVILIAMr. Veronika Obertova

First of all, we wish to commend the Animafest, making us happy and giving us an opportunity each year to see the works of our colleagues from all over the world. Some films thrilled us with their plot, some with their animation, and some with innovation.The decision was not easy, but we managed to agree on one. The film bringing paper to life fascinated us with a creative approach to animation – Viliam by Veronika Obertova from Slovakia. Our very special praise goes to all the featured filmmakers.

At the discretion of Animafest CouncilLifetime Achievement AwardFRÉDÉRIC BACK

Award for Special Contribution to Animation StudiesMIDHAT AJANOVIĆ AJAN

At the discretion of the Student Competition Selection CommitteeBest Animation School (Animafest 2010 Award to an educational institution for the best choice of films submitted for pre-selection)TOKIO UNIVERSITY OF THE ARTS

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