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Paramount Launches Tomb Raider Website

Paramount Pictures announced the launch of its new TOMB RAIDER Website, a full-screen cinematic experience that brings movie fans directly into Lara Croft's world. The feature film opens in U.S. theatres on June 15, 2001. The site uses iPIX technology, allowing visitors to explore 360 degree panoramas of the sets and locations from the movie. Over 50 different iPIX images will premiere online before the film's release, allowing users to tour Lara's home in England, Croft Manor, and journey to such exotic locales as the temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the glaciers of a wintry Iceland (standing in for Siberia in the movie). Upon entering each "room," visitors will hear music and background sounds that correspond to each scene, creating a complete immersive you-are-there experience. Participants can navigate from room to room as though they were moving through the real sets themselves. In a nod to its video game roots, the site requires visitors to find and solve ten different puzzles, or keys to gain access to locked doors. In addition, the site includes an extensive behind-the-scenes section with details on the production including the crew's travels around the globe. Video clips available are available in Quicktime and Real Player formats, while exclusive iPIX and production stills showcase the detailed work that occurred during the film's six month shoot. Exclusive interviews with director Simon West (CON-AIR, THE GENERAL'S DAUGHTER) and production designer Kirk Petruccelli (MYSTERY MEN) provide TOMB RAIDER fans with a healthy amount of background information. The site also contains links to the popular TOMB RAIDER trailers, an on-demand version of a live Webcast from the set in November 2000, new production stills, an archive of production sketches, exclusive screensavers, wallpapers and the movie's exclusive official Webring. The Movie Webring has linked to over 58 TOMB RAIDER movie fan sites since its launch in February and is currently the only Movie Webring running on an official studio Website. Visitors can download an exclusive online style guide containing fonts, graphics and images so they can build their own TOMB RAIDER fan sites. Additionally, the site plans a May, 2001 launch of an exclusive TOMB RAIDER NeoPlanet Browser. The new Website can be found at