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Over 35 New Jobs: Animators, Technical Directors, Visual Artists and More

Stardust Entertainment Filmproduktion, a computer animation and visual effects studio located in Berlin-Potsdam, Germany, is looking to recruit a number of people to work on this and other upcoming productions this year. The company language is English. The job openings are as follows: LINE PRODUCER; MOTION-CAPTURE MANAGER; CHARACTER SETUP TD with experience with rigging complex skeletons & animation controls for character animation; MODELLER with experience with NURBS modeling in Maya & PA; TEXTURERS with experience with Maya and Studiopaint; DIGITAL LAYOUT ARTISTS with experience with Maya; CHARACTER ANIMATORS with experience animating characters with Maya, Softimage or PA; LIGHTING/RENDERING TDs with experience in 3D lighting/rendering in Maya, PA, Softimage, MAX, Lightwave, etc.; PROGRAMMERS with experience in developing tools for Maya; ANIMATION DIRECTORS with experience directing long-form animation productions from board to final print; and ILLUSTRATOR with previous TV/Film production experience; One Infinity Inc., a streaming media development company based in San Francisco and New York City, is looking for 2D AND/OR 3D FLASH ANIMATORS and 2D AND/OR 3D ILLUSTRATORS to produce a television broadcast quality animated Flash music video for a major label hip hop artist. . . REALVIZ Corp. is seeking a 3D DEMO ARTIST. Position available in San Francisco or Los Angeles. . . West Palm Beach, Florida-based Avanti Video & Film is looking for an ART DIRECTOR/GRAPHIC DESIGNER with a strong production design background. . . Vancouver, Canada-based Mainframe Entertainment Inc. is seeking a CGI MODELER, a PRODUCTION DESIGNER/ART DIRECTOR and TECHNICAL DIRECTORS. . . Burbank, California-based Metavision is looking for a DIRECTOR ARTIST to work in-house on a freelance basis. . . Culver City, California-based The Production Plant is looking for a FILM VISUAL EFFECTS COORDINATOR for a film project already in-house. . . GSA media is looking for a FLASH ANIMATOR. . . Santa Monica, California-based is looking for a FLASH ANIMATOR for the creation of Flash Animation for various web sites. . . Hollywood, California-based yU+co., a motion graphics and design company specializing in film title and commercials graphics, is looking for FREELANCE WEB DESIGNERS. . . Opentv, Inc. seeks a GRAPHIC DESIGNER for an entry level production position. . . Venice, California-based The Cab Co. is looking for a GRAPHIC DESIGNER who can do 3D, After Effects or morphing. . . Hollywood, California-based Canned Interactive, a web site and DVD titles development company is looking for a GRAPHIC DESIGNER. . . Santa Monica, California-based Station X Studios is looking for LIGHTWAVE ANIMATORS with experience in modeling, texturing, Hypervoxels, particle systems and 3D matchmoving, LIGHTWAVE ARTISTS to create photoreal cars, and ROTO ARTISTS. . . Burbank, California-based New Wave Entertainment is looking for a MAIN TITLE DESIGNER for freelance and temporary full-time work. . . Los Angeles, California-based Cinesite Studios is seeking MAYA LIGHTERS. . . Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania-based Cinemagic, Inc. is seeking a MOTION DESIGNER. . . Hollywood, California-based commercial animation production company Acme Filmworks, Inc. seeks a PUBLICIST/MARKETING COORDINATOR. . . San Rafael, California-based Lucas Digital, Ltd. LLC is looking for a PRODUCTION GROUP MANAGER and a TECHNICAL COORDINATOR. . . Atlanta, Georgia-based Turner Entertainment Networks, a leading provider of programming for the cable industry, is looking for a SENIOR DESIGNER.

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