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'Outlands' Series a Hit on YouTube

Geek & Sundry's animated web series, Outlands, created and produced by Adam de la Peña, attracts notice on the Internet.

Animated series Outlands from Geek & Sundry – launched earlier this month as part of YouTube’s Geek Week celebration – has attracted a certain level of notice on the web, as much for the show’s celebrated voice cast as its creator’s offbeat sense of humor.

Created and produced by Adam de la Peña of G4’s Code Monkey fame, Outlands features the voice talents of geek icon Felicia Day and comedian Dana Snyder, among others. Set in the “distant future” of 1992, the show is styled like an old, 16-bit computer game. Here’s the synopsis:

A group of misfit soldiers are sent into the wilderness of outer space, in an area known as the “Outlands.” Their mission? To clear the outer planets of any life forms that may stand in the way of building shopping malls and multiplexes. The series premiere episode kicks off as we meet the crew of the TITANTIC II (Hutch, Ben, Chubs, Sergeant Skill and MAK) when they explore their first planet with very mixed results, a murder in the crew, teddy bears and beers.

Episode 1, “We Come to Destroy You! Not 8-bit” has garnered over 250,000 views so far on YouTube, and Episode 2, last week’s “16-Bit Intergalactic Space Girl vs. Alien Attack!” has already racked up over 55,000 views.

Watch the trailer, below:

Source: Geek & Sundry

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