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Ottawa School of Art launches Animation Certificate program

The Ottawa School of Art (OSA) has launched an innovative, structured program teaching basic animation skills. The Animation Certificate Program has grown from courses run over several years.

The Ottawa School of Art was founded in 1879 and incorporated in 1976 as a non-profit charitable organization. School focus is high caliber visual art training.

The intensive, high caliber program readies students for college animation studies and an animation career. This six month program welcomes those students with drawing skill who are driven to study animation and need an appropriate portfolio for successful application to college. Courses boost skill development and offer portfolio driven projects. Course credits are awarded, subject to marking restrictions.

OSA's innovative, structured courses teach basic drawing and painting skills, conceptual and design processes, and the mechanics of animation. All course projects take an animation viewpoint. Students create portfolio elements for college application. Our grads are better prepared for future studies with a deeper understanding of animation. They gain a clear picture of industry pressures and develop necessary studio work habits.

The school has gained a reputation for excellence of instruction and relevance of curriculum to the working studio. Canada's Sheridan, Algonquin and Seneca colleges have responded favourably by accepting many of graduates to their animation program. Students verify that they benefit by being better equipped on graduation for the world of animation.

Complete contact information for the Ottawa School of Art can be found in AWN's Animation School Database.