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Ottawa Festival launches brand new web site

AWN is proud to host Ottawa's brand new web site. Festival Director, Chris Robinson comments, "We wanted to create a site that would be easier to navigate and one that would serve as an archive of sorts. Most festival websites are disposable. They serve their purpose and vanish into the Internet vacuum. On this new site you can discover the roots of the Ottawa festival courtesy of former international director, Prescott Wright; learn more about the host city, Ottawa, Canada's capital; discover who the Grand Prix winners are from every Ottawa festival; buy festival merchandise; and most importantly get historical information on every Ottawa festival since 1976, with the director, jury and selection committee members, films in competition, and retrospectives for that year. In addition you can go directly to SAFO '97, Ottawa '98, and SAFO '99 websites. Speaking of which, for those of you who have been confused by SAFO and OIAF, fret no more, we have simply incorporated SAFO into the main site."

Ottawa 2000 will take place September 19-24, 2000. Entry deadline will be July 1, 2000. Entry forms should be on-line by mid-December 1999. Tentative retrospectives include: Chinese Animation; Jan Lenica; Paul Fierlinger, Jazz and Animation; George Pal; Gene Dietch; Suzanne Gervais; Kathy Rose; William Kentridge; Andrei Khrzhanovsky, 20 Years of Pacific Data Images; Estonian Pioneer, Elbert Tuganov; Bermuda Shorts, and much more. Ottawa 2000 will also be hosting, for the first time, the ASIFA-International General Assembly meeting. Finally, the festival will be making a very special announcement in November regarding the future of the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Stay tuned for details!