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Ottawa Entry Deadline Approaching!

The deadline for entries at this year's Ottawa 00 International

Animation Festival is July 1, 2000. The festival will accept entries

as late as July 5, 2000. There are three competitions: independent

films, commissioned films and animation for the Internet. Categories

include: films for children, graduate films, independent films under

50 minutes, first professional film, TV series, TV special,

commercials, music videos, educational or industrial, ids, trailers

and Internet animation. The Selection Committee -- which includes

Chris Landreth (Canada), Curtis Crawford (Canada), Pjotr Sapegin

(Norway) and Andrei Svislotski (Russia) -- will meet from July 3-10,

2000 to judge the commissioned and Internet competition. Festival

organizers will judge the independent film competition. There is no

entry fee. Entry forms are available from the

Ottawa website or by

calling the festival office at (613) 232-8769.