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Osmosis Jones Debuts In Seventh

With strictly live-action fare taking the top four spots, PLANET OF THE APES plummeted to fifth with a gross of US$13.32 million. The sixth in the APES series, with primary visual effects by ILM, has drummed up $148.73 million to date. Falling from fourth to finish sixth, JURASSIC PARK III stomped home with another $7.30 million. The living fossil franchise, with primary visual effects by ILM, has gobbled up $160.20 million so far. Debuting in seventh place, Warner Bros. OSMOSIS JONES took in a meager $5.75 during its first weekend in release. In twelfth place, the special edition of SPY KIDS' debut kicked in $1.43 million. Since its release earlier this year, the espionage antics, with primary visual effects by Hybride Technologies and KNB EFX Group, has captured $109 million. Box office data was obtained on

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