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Oscar-Winning Animator Daniel Greaves Kickstarts New Short

Academy Award-winning animator Daniel Greaves announces a Kickstarter fund for his newest short film project, “Mr. Plastimime.”


Academy Award-winning animator Daniel Greaves, also known as the creator of TV's Flatworld, has announced a Kickstarter fund for his newest short film project, Mr. Plastimime. Using a variety of animation techniques, the animated short tells the story of Graeme, a lonely and an unappreciated mime artist whose stage routine blurs into reality. With an unexpected act of heroism he finds the audience and the love he has been longing for.

Mr. Plastimime will be produced using a combination of stop-motion, CG and 2D animation techniques. The characters are stop-frame plasticine puppets with the main character's facial expressions animated in 2D. The backgrounds will be created in CG using Autodesk Maya and then all of the elements will be composited together using Adobe After Effects.

Watch a teaser from the short, below:

Mr. Plastimime has been a story that Greaves has wanted to tell for some time. Over several years he has been developing the idea and characters and like a true passionate artist, Greaves has dedicated all of his free time to Mr. Plastimime over the last year and has privately funded production to date. It has been Greaves’ devotion and enthusiasm that members of the crew have found contagious, many of them giving up their time around paying work to help move the project forward and get it to where it is today.

To find out more, visit the Mr. Plastimime Facebook page.

Watch Greaves’ Oscar-winning 1991 short film, Manipulation, below:

Source: Tandem Films

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