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Oscar Winner Kunio Kato's Work Now on Crunchyroll

Kunio Kato's 2009 Academy Award-winning animated short film, LA MAISON EN PETITS CUBES, as well as his earlier work, THE DIARY OF TORTOV RODDLE are streaming today on Crunchyroll. More information can be found at: and

LA MAISON EN PETITS CUBES marks the first Oscar nomination and win for Mr. Kato, who created and directed the piece. At the awards ceremony, of the award, he stated, "It's so heavy." He went on to say, "Thank you very much. Thank you, my supporters. Thank you, all my staff. Thank you, my pencil. Thank you, Academy. Thank you, my company ROBOT. Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto."

Vince Shortino, president of Crunchyroll's Japan office states, "We, at Crunchyroll, are very proud to host such a masterpiece. Mr. Kato is only the second individual from Japan to ever win the award in an animation category, with the only other being renowned Mr. Hayao Miyazaki. To be able to bring this visionary artist's work to the world is truly a great honor."

Both LA MAISON EN PETITS CUBES and THE DIARY OF TORTOV RODDLE will be available to Crunchyroll's Anime Members in 480P quality video, and available on Crunchyroll to the world outside of Japan. ROBOT Business Strategy Manager Koji Nakamigawa states, "Mr. Kato's works need to be experienced in only the highest quality viewing, and Crunchyroll's global reach, high quality streaming and Anime Members plan made the most sense for us to maintain the utmost quality needed to view his treasures."

Synopsis:LA MAISON EN PETITS CUBES: An old man is forced to continuously build on new levels to his home as the water rises in his town. When he drops his favorite pipe overboard, he is forced to dive to retrieve it from the depths. As he visits the submerged levels of his home, he begins to relive scenes from days gone by.

THE DIARY OF TORTOV RODDLE is a tapestry of whimsical fantasy featuring tatters of everyday life of the eponymous Tortov Roddle. Riding on the back of his pig with legs as long as stilts, what will be the next surreal journey to be written in his diary?