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Oscar Nomination Polls Close This Wednesday!

Attention Academy Members! Completed Oscar nomination ballots must be returned to PricewaterhouseCoopers by 5:00 pm on Wednesday, January 29, 2003. Ballots received after the 5:00 pm deadline are ineligible. All eligible members of the Academy may cast their vote in the Best Picture category, while Academy members in 12 branches will nominate achievements in up to 22 categories. Films submitted in the Animated Feature and Foreign Language Film categories are screened and selected by special voting groups of Academy members. Seventeen features were considered eligible for the Animated Feature competition (as opposed to only eight last year) meaning that five films will be nominated in this category. The 75th Academy Award nominations will be announced at the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater on Tuesday, February 11, 2003 beginning at 5:30 am.