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Oscar Nominated Shorts Show Box Office Strength

THE 2006 ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATED SHORT FILMS program, distributed by Magnolia Pictures, opened at #44 on the box office chart, with $128,569 on 38 screens for a per-screen average of $3,383. NOMINATED SHORT FILMS is currently playing at the Nuart in L.A. and opens Friday, Feb. 23, at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood.

The program consists of:

Short Film (Animated)* THE DANISH POET (Norway & Canada, National Film Board of Canada) Torill Kove, director* LIFTED (U.S., Buena Vista), Gary Rydstrom, director* THE LITTLE MATCHGIRL (U.S., Buena Vista), Roger Allers, director; Don Hahn, producer* MAESTRO (Hungary, Szimplafilm) Geza M. Toth, director* NO TIME FOR NUTS (U.S., Twentieth Century Fox) Chris Renaud and Michael Thurmeier, directors

Short Film (Live Action)* BINTA AND THE GREAT IDEA (Spain) Javier Fesser, director; Luis Manso, producer* ERAMOS POCOS (Spain, Kimuak) Borja Cobeaga, director* HELMER & SON (Denmark) Soren Pilmark, director; Kim Magnusson, exec producer* THE SAVIOUR (Australia, Australia Film Television & Radio School) Peter Templeman, director; Stuart Parkyn, producer* WEST BANK STORY (U.S.) Ari Sandel, director

Additional Animated Shorts

* A GENTLEMANS DUEL (U.S., Blur Studio), Francisco Ruiz Velasco and Scott McNally, directors* GUIDE DOG (U.S., Branscome International), Bill Plympton, director.* ONE RAT SHORT (U.S., Charlex Films), Alex Weil, director* THE PASSENGER (Australia), Chris Jones, director* WRAITH OF COBBLE HILL (U.S.), Adam Parrish King, director

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