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Oscar Bump Should Help American Splendor DVD

It only took a week for AMERICAN SPLENDOR to arrive on DVD (HBO Video, $27.95) after snagging a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar nomination, but now you can own one of the indie faves of 2003. AMERICAN SPLENDOR intersperses fact and fiction in telling the story of Cleveland comic book artist Harvey Pekar (portrayed by Paul Giamatti) as the ultimate everyman. Directed by Shari Stringer Berman and Robert Pulcini, the movie is acclaimed for its Flash-animated forays by Gary Leib and John Kuramoto of New York's Twinkle studio. Extras include group audio commentary (including Pekar, who often sneaks into the movie), a 12-page comic insert that appeared in ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY and a featurette from the Sundance Channel titled "Anatomy of a Scene."