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Osborne & Madhusudhanan To Open Toon House in India

Weta Digitals Barrie Osborne is partnering with LORD OF THE RINGS visual effects artist N. Madhusudhanan to co-found sister animation and sound effects/post-production studios in India, according to VARIETY. Osborne and Madhusudhanan are talking with several conglomerates including Tata, Birla, computer software firm Infosys and outsourcing company Wipro to team on the venture. Tata and Birla have film divisions and Tata has long wanted to get into the animation biz. The duo is looking at sites in Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore for the studios. The sound effects house should be operational in six months. Madhusudhanan said they will most likely to sign deals in the next two weeks and will hold a press conference in Los Angeles to announce details.

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