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The Orphanage Finishes Off Sin City’s Yellow Bastard

The Orphanage Inc. announced that it has completed nearly 600 visual effects shots for the That Yellow Bastard chapter of the highly-anticipated feature film, SIN CITY, directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller and adapted from Millers graphic novels. Visual effects supervisor and company partner Stu Maschwitz headed up The Orphanages team with Marc Sadeghi serving as exec producer in charge of the production and Jody Echegaray serving as producer. More than 70 effects artists completed the work, which included full digital environments, hard surface modeling and animation, advanced compositing and CG snow and water effects.

SIN CITY is hands down my favorite graphic novel series, said Maschwitz. So for me theres nothing cooler than having the chance to help Robert bring Frank Millers vision to the screen in all its black and white glory.

Based on Millers legendary graphic novels, the screen version of SIN CITY is divided into three chapters named for titles in the series THE HARD GOODBYE, THE BIG FAT KILL and THAT YELLOW BASTARD. The noir drama visually emulates the comics stark b&w style. The Dimension Films release hits theaters April 1, 2005.

In addition, Orphanage has begun work on Rodriguezs summer family film, THE ADVENTURES OF SHARK BOY AND LAVA GIRL IN 3-D, which contains more than 400 effects shots, including extensive digital environments, creature animation and effects animation (particles and dynamics simulations).

Rodriguez said, The best part of my job is getting to collaborate with creative and innovative thinkers, and The Orphanage always has cool new visual tricks up their sleeve. They have a passion for their work, which is why I had them work on SIN CITY, where innovation and imagination were key. They make effects the way I try and make my movies: efficient, creative and a hand crafted quality; and they nailed the SIN CITY-look.

Sadeghi added, Were excited to continue our relationship with Robert. Elizabeth and Dimension. We had a blast working with them on SIN CITY and SPY KIDS 3-D and are looking forward to contributing to another great film.

The Orphanage is a visual effects and animation company based in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit

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