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Oregon3D Offers Professional Courses On Alias|Wavefront Maya

The Oregon3D Center for Visualization Technologies has added instruction of Alias|Wavefront Maya software to its core curriculum. Starting August 26, 2002, Portland-based Oregon3D will offer its first Maya class, a five-day Maya Basics course. Taught by 3D guru Jason Busby of the tutorial Website 3D Buzz, this course is designed to provide a solid foundation to those new to Maya, and allows beginners to explore more challenging concepts such as modeling, animating, texturing, lighting and rendering. Set in a working environment and incorporating equipment used by professional creative artists in the film, game, TV and visualization industries, Oregon3D describes its class environment as one of "collaborative learning that goes beyond the theory of operation to integrate course work with real-life production practices." Students participating in the Maya Basics course will learn, through various animation projects, proper workflow methods that can be applied to their own future projects. The Maya Basics training includes: navigation and customization of the Maya user interface; modeling concepts in NURBS and polygons; animation techniques including keyframing, reactive, and dynamic; basic character rigging; exploration of the hypershade for creating scene materials; creation of advanced node networks; and lighting, cameras, and rendering. Maya Basics will take place August 26 30, 2002 at Oregon3D's training facility in downtown Portland, Oregon at a limited introductory price of US$1,300. For class registration and additional information, visit the Oregon3D Web site at or contact Oregon3D at its toll free number 866-626-9100.