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Oregon3d Appoints New Educational Directors

Oregon3D, Inc. has appointed Mark Noland as educational director and Phillip Guzzo as associate educational director. Mark Noland has worked for over 15 years in nearly every area of digital imaging including Web, print, game, film and video production. He founded Mercury Studios in 1997 where he acted as a producer and director for clients such as Fox Sports and The Golf Channel. Phillip A. Guzzo joins Oregon3D from Will Vinton Studios where he worked as a flame and combustion compositor on many diverse projects such as THE PJ'S, GARY AND MIKE, THE POWERPUFF GIRLS music video, the M&M's commercial campaign and a variety of other advertising and entertainment projects. With a focus on "real-world" experience, Oregon3D offers variety of courses and products to choose from including Alias|Wavefront, REAL VIZ and Right Hemisphere. The facility is also an authorized training center for Discreet products and the only independent U.S. training center to offer courses on Discreet's compositing system products: flint, flame and smoke. Noland and Guzzo are both certified Discreet instructors for 3ds max, flint, flame and smoke and have created a high-end Discreet systems lab at Oregon3D that includes six Octane flint, flame and smoke systems each with their own video clip storage, NTSC monitoring and digitizing capabilities. "It is important that all our instructors have real-world experience, so when they teach a software application it's not just about how to push the buttons but how to make it all come together," said Phil Guzzo, associate educational director. "These skills are crucial to solving the day-to-day challenges that arise while working in a hectic production environment." For class registration and additional information on Oregon3D visit the Website at