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Open Season Sequel Debuting on DVD

Sony Pictures Animation confirmed that it's making a sequel to OPEN SEASON, which will debut on DVD. Though the original film only took in a modest $190 million worldwide, it performed strongly on DVD, warranting a sequel. The studio hopes to have the project ready for release in 2009.

The new adventure will focus on Mr. Weenie, the domesticated dachshund who helps the forest animals rebel against the hunters, and Giselle, the female deer who was the love interest of single-antlered, misfit deer Elliot. Mr. Weenie was originally voiced by Sony animator Cody Cameron while Jane Krakowski (TV's ALLY MCBEAL) voiced Giselle. No word has been said whether the first film's stars Martin Lawrence, who played the beer Boog, and Ashton Kutcher, who voiced Elliot, will be returning.

The company said the new Imageworks facilities in India, New Mexico and Northern California will be involved to some degree in the production.

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