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Ooga Booga Studio Opens For Animated Business

New animation studio Ooga Booga Studio Inc. has opened in Vancouver to focus on the production of high quality 2D and 3D animation for commercials, promos and television specials. Founder is Colleen Pollock, formerly senior producer at another Canadian house, Natterjack Animation Co.

During her eight-year stint at Natterjack, Pollock produced projects for clients such as The Walt Disney Co., Cartoon Network and numerous advertising agencies. Among these included the animation for more than a dozen Disney CD-ROMs, commercials for Kelloggâs, Cheetos, Got Milk, NBA and several award-winning promos for Cartoon Network. Pollock enjoyed working, learning and challenging herself with animated shorts developed at Natterjack, which included THE CHAMP, THE BECKERS and, one of her favorites, JUDGE TRACEY.

Ooga Booga Studio will announce soon a roster of directors. Ooga Booga can be contacted by phone at (604) 687-6642or e-mail: