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One Froggy Evening & What's Opera Doc? On Golden Collection 2

Warner Home Video will release THE LOONEY TOONS - GOLDEN COLLECTION VOLUME 2 in late October or early November, featuring classics ONE FROGGY EVENING, WHAT'S OPERA DOC? and PORKY IN WACKYLAND, reports This four-disk set will contain 60 cartoon shorts ranging from 1936 to 1958. Other highlights will include OLD GLORY, THE DOVER BOYS, LITTLE RED RIDING RABBIT, THE GREAT PIGGY BANK ROBBERY, the Oscar-winning first appearance of Tweety & Sylvester in TWEETY-PIE, FRENCH RAREBIT and HYDE AND HARE. Absent from the collection will be Looney Tune regulars Tasmanian Devil, Pepe Le Pew, Marvin the Martian, Foghorn Leghorn and Speedy Gonzales.

The complete list of all 60 shorts are:

HARE-BRAINED HYPNOTIST (Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd - 1942)LITTLE RED RIDING RABBIT (Bugs Bunny - 1944)STAGE DOOR CARTOON (Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd - 1944)HARE CONDITIONED (Bugs Bunny - 1945)RHAPSODY RABBIT (Bugs Bunny - 1946)THE BIG SNOOZE (Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd - 1946)SLICK HARE (Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd - 1947)BUGS BUNNY RIDES AGAIN (Bugs Bunny/Yosemite Sam - 1948)GORILLA MY DREAMS (Bugs Bunny/Gruesome Gorilla - 1948)BUNNY HUGGED (Bugs Bunny - 1951)FRENCH RAREBIT (Bugs Bunny/Louis and Francois - 1951)BABY BUGGY BUNNY (Bugs Bunny/Baby-Faced Finster - 1954)HYDE AND HARE (Bugs Bunny - 1955)BROOM-STICK BUNNY (Bugs Bunny/Witch Hazel - 1956)WHAT'S OPERA, DOC? (Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd - 1957)BEEP BEEP (Road Runner/Coyote - 1952)GOING! GOING! GOSH! (Road Runner/Coyote - 1952)ZIPPING ALONG (Road Runner/Coyote - 1953)STOP! LOOK! AND HASTEN! (Road Runner/Coyote - 1954)GUIDED MUSCLE (Road Runner/Coyote - 1955)READY.. SET.. ZOOM! (Road Runner/Coyote - 1955)GEE WHIZ-Z-Z-Z! (Road Runner/Coyote - 1956)THERE THEY GO-GO-GO! (Road Runner/Coyote - 1956)SCRAMBLED ACHES (Road Runner/Coyote - 1957)ZOOM AND BORED (Road Runner/Coyote - 1957)WHOA, BE-GONE! (Road Runner/Coyote - 1958)PORKY IN WACKYLAND (Porky Pig - 1938)OLD GLORY (Porky Pig - 1939)BOOK REVUE (Daffy Duck - 1946)SHOW BIZ BUGS (Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck - 1957)KITTY KORNERED (Porky/Sylvester - 1946)TWEETY PIE (Sylvester/Tweety - 1947)BACK ALLEY OP-ROAR (Elmer Fudd/Sylvester - 1948)BAD OL' PUTTY TAT (Sylvester/Tweety - 1949)ALL A BIR-R-R-RD (Sylvester/Tweety - 1950)ROOM AND BIRD (Sylvester/Tweety - 1951)TWEET TWEET TWEETY (Sylvester/Tweety - 1951)A BIRD IN A GUILTY CAGE (Sylvester/Tweety - 1952)AIN'T SHE TWEET (Sylvester/Tweety - 1952)GIFT WRAPPED (Sylvester/Tweety - 1952)SNOW BUSINESS (Sylvester/Tweety - 1953)YOU OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES (Daffy/Porky - 1940)DUCK SOUP TO NUTS (Daffy/Porky - 1944)BABY BOTTLENECK (Daffy/Porky - 1946)THE GREAT PIGGY BANK ROBBERY (Daffy Duck as "Duck Twacy" - 1946)I LOVE TO SINGA ("Owl" Jolson - 1936)HAVE YOU GOT ANY CASTLES? (1938)KATNIP KOLLEGE (Johnny Cat - 1938)HOLLYWOOD STEPS OUT (1941)THE HECKLING HARE (Bugs Bunny/Willoughby - 1941)TORTOISE BEATS HARE (Bugs Bunny/Cecil Turtle - 1941)THE DOVER BOYS AT PIMENTO UNIVERSITY OR 'THE RIVALS OF ROQUEFORT HALL' (1942)THE HEP CAT (Hep Cat - 1942)CORNY CONCERTO (Doc and Champ - 1943)RABBIT TRANSIT (Bugs Bunny/Cecil Turtle - 1947)MOUSE WRECKERS (Hubie and Bertie/Claude Cat - 1948)BEAR FOR PUNISHMENT (Henry, Ma, & Junyer Bear - 1951)CHEESE CHASERS (Hubie and Bertie - 1951)ONE FROGGY EVENING (Michigan J. Frog - 1955)THREE LITTLE BOPS (1957)

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