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Ollin Studio Produces CGI Short That Looks Like Clay

Mexico-based Ollin Studio, an animation and visual effects, post-production, Internet and multimedia house, has finished production on their first in-house project an all-CGI animated short entitled, CAKE, which looks like it is animated using clay. Carlos Iturriaga, director of the 3D-animation division at Ollin, directed the film. CAKE is the story of a little girl whose hunger brings her to act upon her primitive impulses without considering the consequences. Power Modeler was used for modeling, Maya for animation and Renderman for rendering and partial illumination. In addition to these packages run on SGI and Intergraph platforms, proprietary tools developed to handle illumination and texturization were also used. Iturriaga said, "I believe this experience clarified our ability to create short films of digital content. By this I mean, tight, complex pieces. In the near future our objective is to continue along this line, creating more complex and ambitious projects without losing sight of the strength in storytelling." The studio plans to make three to four films a year, increasing in length, leading to a 3D animated feature.

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