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Olive Jar Acquired By Red Sky

Red Sky, an interactive solutions provider, announced the acquisition of Olive Jar Studios, a Boston and Los Angeles-based animation and film production studio, and White Noise Productions, a Los Angeles-based full service multimedia firm. "A concept we believe strongly in is 'applied entertainment,' which means that our solutions transcend mere functionality and bring emotion to interactive experiences delivered across all media, from narrow to broadband platforms and devices," said Bill Bingham, chairman and CEO of Red Sky. "This requires both technological innovation and a touch of entertainment. With creative expertise and production skills encompassing animation, film, design and interactive media, these acquisitions are allowing us to create even richer brand experiences for our clients and their customers." Olive Jar Studios will still be headed by Fred Macdonald and Matthew Charde. The studio's corporate clients include The Coca-Cola Company, Levi's and Universal Studios. Olive Jar has also worked extensively with Spike Jonze (BEING JOHN MALKOVICH) and George Meyer (THE SIMPSONS). White Noise Productions, led by Peter Lehner, Silvia Utiger and Urs Baur, originally focused on commercial film production and has quickly evolved into a full service multimedia firm servicing clients such as Sony Pictures and Columbia Tristar Television. Both Olive Jar and White Noise will operate under the Red Sky name. Red Sky has over 500 employees in offices in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, Irvine, California, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

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