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Oldman Does Triple Duty On Christmas Carol

Gary Oldman confirmed he will be playing at least three characters in Robert Zemeckis' upcoming motion-capture animated A CHRISTMAS CAROL, according to SCI FI WIRE.

"I play Marley," Oldman said in a group interview in Beverly Hills, Calif., on June 29, where he was promoting THE DARK KNIGHT. "I play Tiny Tim, and I play Bob Cratchit, so I play three [characters]."

Jim Carrey will play Scrooge in the retelling of Charles Dickens' novel, which is using the same technology as last year's BEOWULF.

Oldman said doing motion-capture is not like theater. "People that have never done theater say it's like [that]," he said, adding, "It's nothing like theater." Rather, he said, he performs his part in an empty room surrounded by "200 cameras...and you don't wear a costume, and you have dots on your face, and Zemeckis will make the movie in the computer later."