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Okino Ships Solid Edge CAD, Inventor Conversion Systems

Okino Computer Graphics is now shipping two products: its Solid Edge CAD conversion system and the Autodesk-certified Inventor 2010 CAD Conversion System for 3ds Max, Maya, Lightwave Cinema-4D, XSI and all major downstream 3D file formats.

The newly-rewritten Solid Edge CAD conversion system, compatible has ground breaking Solid Edge Synchronous Technology modeling software. The conversion pipeline allows native Solid Edge assembly, part, weldment and sheet metal files to be converted to all major animation plus authoring packages, 3D downstream file formats and VisSim programs. Okino is one of the longest standing Solid Edge solution partner developers, providing excellent and well refined 3D data translation solutions for Solid Edge users and independent users of Solid Edge data.

Okino's NuGraf and PolyTrans software imports crack-free geometry, hierarchy and materials (assembly data) from native disk-based Solid Edge files or from a running copy of Solid Edge, and subsequently provides high-end rendering, viewing and scene composition of the data, or have the data optimized and then pipelined into all major 3D file formats, animation packages and third party/OEM integrations. Most importantly, Solid Edge assemblies, parts, weldment and sheet metal files can be effortlessly and directly imported into all key animation systems such as 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage|XSI, Cinema-4D and Lightwave, as well as any third party product which integrates Okino's PolyTrans 3D converters and all major downstream file formats ranging from COLLADA to DWF-3D to SketchUp and dozens more. A resident copy of the Solid Edge software is not required, but having it installed on the same machine as the Okino conversion software will provide extended control and options over the process.

The Autodesk Inventor solution from Okino allows crack-free geometry, hierarchy (assembly data) and materials to be transferred cleanly and robustly from native disk-based Autodesk Inventor files or from a running copy of the Autodesk Inventor directly into any Okino data-conversion-compliant program, such as PolyTrans, NuGraf, 3ds Max and Maya (via native plug-ins), EON Reality software, MAXON Cinema-4D, Visual Components' 3DCreate, NGRAIN, and dozens of other packages.