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Oishii Creates Dynamic Branding Package For PromaxBDA

Oishii Creative is tapped by PromaxBDA to create all of its branding and video opens for the 2014 PromaxBDA conference and awards show.

Los Angeles  – When PromaxBDA, the global member-based association for professionals working in media marketing, needed an agency to create the branding and video opens for this year's conference and awards show in New York, they turned to long-time members and creative agency Oishii Creative. Armed with the tagline #WTFuture, Oishii Creative set out to make a package that captured the energy and essence of an industry in constant change.

“Our members deliver the top-level marketing and creative work in this industry, so it is critical that our creative efforts are on par with the work that we honor,” says Stacy La Cotera, VP, Global Awards & Competitions at PromaxBDA. "Working with Oishii was a fantastic opportunity and helped to create a polished and professional feel for PromaxBDA: The Conference 2014.”

Set to a remix of The Chainsmokers club hit “#SELFIE” track, the conference video open is a mashup of viral video sensations mixed with digitally-driven graphics and statements like, “technology is not a debate,” and “creativity has no age.” All visuals were user-generated and inspired by viral video sensations, from a hamster eating a tiny burrito to an energetic baby dancing.

“The future of broadcast is always changing," says Ish Obregon, Oishii’s president and chief creative officer. “And we wanted to capture how digital has disrupted the entertainment industry, from consumer-generated content to mobile. The future is still not clearly defined, but that’s what makes our field so optimistic and fun.”

For the onsite graphics, Oishii looked at the event as a pop-up store, where every aspect of the conference venue -- from the delegate bags, programs and registration counters to the signage, bumpers, stills and titles -- was branded with one message.

“Overall, it was a cohesive package where every touchpoint was connected visually with the core message,” says Obregon. “PromaxBDA gave us a lot of flexibility and access to brand everything at The Conference, and they encouraged our creativity at every turn. We had a blast doing it.”

For the PromaxBDA Promotion, Marketing and Design Awards video package, the organization requested a look that was completely separate from The Conference and instead focused on celebrating the achievements of this year’s award winners.

The spot follows a gold-clad female figure, which represents PromaxBDA’s muse-award statue, as she wanders through a desert landscape of vast possibilities, searching for something to stand out.

“The muse really represents all of us,” concludes Obregon. “As viewers, creatives, even the organization of PromaxBDA as a whole, we are visionary, always looking into the future. We wanted to capture that spirit.”

The team decided to dream up a shoot that could utilize mixed mediums from beautiful cinematography to SFX. Shot in Lucerne Dry Lake in the Mojave Desert, two hours east of Los Angeles, the film took two weeks from concept, storyline and approval to shoot prep, editing, SFX and music composition. Oishii shot on Alexis RED with several Canon lenses and worked with Premiere, After Effects, Magic Bullet, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D for CG, and Turbulence for smoke effects.

Source: Oishii Creative

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