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Oh Davey! Davey & Goliath Return To The Airwaves

According to an AP report, plans are underway to revive DAVEY & GOLIATH, the '60s stop-motion animated series created by Art and Ruth Clokey, with production scheduled to begin shortly on a brand new 26 x 15-minute series featuring young Davey and his talking dog pal Goliath. A one-hour Christmas special is also in the works. The special may premiere as soon as 2003, with the series scheduled to debut in 2004. DAVEY & GOLIATH made a recent comeback in a sly 30-second spot for Mountain Dew, directed by Wreckless Abandon Studios for BBDO/NY. The commercial was created with the full support of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, which owns the rights to DAVEY & GOLIATH and licensed the characters for the spot to help raise money to produce the upcoming series. You can see the Mountain Dew spot on Wreckless Abandon's Website at

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