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Oggy 'Round The World

French animation company Xilam, has signed a slate of broadcast deals for the third season of its animated comedy OGGY AND THE COCKROACHES, they announced Tuesday.

In addition to French pay TV broadcaster Canal +, which is to air season three in fall 2008, other broadcasters signed up for more OGGY include Mediaset (Italy), VRT (Belgium), MTV Oy (Finland) and Noga (Israel).

Season three, which is currently in production in Paris, is Xilamâs top priority at MIP-TV 2008: buyers will be able to screen a new episode of the slapstick series in Cannes.

Further international sales, as well as more licensing deals, will be announced by Xilam at MIP.

Seasons one and two have already proved highly successful, ranking as one of the top French animation exports, and have aired in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Season three, which was greenlit following pressure from international broadcasters, brings the total number of episodes to 200 x 7 minutes or 65 x half hours.

A proven hit for a family audience, the award-winning series tracks the explosive confrontations of a fat, blue cat called Oggy, and three ugly cockroaches, Joey, Dee Dee and Marky.

Whatever he does, this easy-natured and diplomatic cat finds himself the victim of this indestructible trio, but as in any self-respecting cartoon, everything always ends up for the best, until the next episode.

Xilam's TV production credits include: RINTINDUMB (75 x 1 minute 30seconds), OGGY AND THE COCKROACHES (65 half-hours), THE NEW ADVENTURES OF LUCKY LUKE (52 half-hours), SHURIKEN SCHOOL (26 half-hours) and SPACE GOOFS (a.k.a. HOME TO RENT) (52 half-hours).

Feature film credits include KAENA - THE PROPHECY, the first European feature-length computer-animated 3D film and GO WEST! A NEW ADVENTURE OF LUCKY LUKE in 2D-3D, which premiered in France in December 2007.