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Oblongs Waddle Onto Web

Warner Bros. has announced THE OBLONGS will hit the Net before the network. Warner Bros. On-line will produce 25 30-second sketches based on the characters that will appear in the TV series in early 2001. THE OBLONGS follows five friends who develop abnormal physical and emotional attributes after extensive exposure to a local industrial waste dump. The OBLONGS MOMENTS Webisodes will roll out on the newly designed Warner Bros. On-line next month. To coincide with the Web sketches, Warner will launch interactive games and behind-the-scenes info about the series. The WB has already ordered 13 episodes of the TV series, which is being produced by THE DREW CAREY SHOW creator, Bruce Helford, and THE SIMPSONS co-executive producer Jace Richdale. Helford and Richdale will also be involved with developing the Internet shorts. Helford said, "[The Webisodes are] a cool way for people to learn about the show."

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