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Nvizible Creates VFX for 'Kick-Ass 2'

Nvizible provides 350 visual effects shots for Kick Ass 2, including CG set extensions, CG buildings and panoramic environments.


Visual effects house Nvizible completed all the VFX for Marv Films’ Kick-Ass 2. The film opens in cinemas across in the UK August 14 and in the US on August 16.

Kick-Ass 2 is a superhero film based on the comic book of the same name and Hit-Girl, both by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr, and is a sequel to the 2010 film Kick-Ass.

The film was written and directed by Jeff Wadlow and co-produced by Matthew Vaughn, who directed the first film. Starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass), Chloë Grace Moretz (Hit-Girl) and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Red Mist) who reprise their roles from the first film.

Nvizible was called upon to provide 350 VFX shots for this project, Managing Director, Nic Hatch said, “We were thrilled to be awarded all the VFX on such a high profile feature and it’s been a fantastic opportunity to work with Marv Films. Our VFX Supervisor, Hugh Macdonald and VFX Producer Gil James and their team worked incredibly hard to turn the shots around in a short space of time and I’m extremely proud of what we have achieved.”

Completing all the VFX in around three months Nvizible’s work included CG set extensions, CG buildings, blood and weapon enhancements and panoramic environments that provided the back drop to a number of key rooftop sequences at the end of the film.

The view from the rooftop had to transition from morning twilight through to sunrise. Hugh shot panoramic backgrounds from a rooftop in New York in various different lighting conditions, and then a few looks were selected for certain moments over the scenes. In getting these shots to transition smoothly, and ensuring that the cityscape had life, Nvizible produced visual effects that seamlessly integrated into the film.

Source: Nvizible

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