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NVidia's GeForce GPU Brings Cinema Quality Graphics To Video Games

At November's COMDEX tradeshow in Las Vegas, California, NVIDIA Corporation introduced the NVIDIA GeForce FX graphics processing unit (GPU). According to NVIDIA, this new GPU, which is based on the new NVIDIA CineFX architecture, delivers cinematic-quality graphics and special effects to video games. "Computer games today are fast and exciting, yet they still lack the ability to engage us emotionally," said Jen-Hsun Huang, president and CEO at NVIDIA. "With the GeForce FX GPU, game developers now have the power to create awe-inspiring visuals and bring character emotion to life." Packing nearly twice the number of transistors as the GeForce4 GPU by utilizing the industry's most advanced 0.13 micron and copper manufacturing process, GeForce FX enables a new type of interactive expression NVIDIA calls "cinematic computing." GeForce FX chips will allow game developers to create shading effects that will give more realistic movements to animated characters. Retail graphics boards based on the GeForce FX GPUs are slated for release in February 2003 for about US$360. c